desert rock music

...rock has invited me
to drink of his cool Water.
Not to splash or bathe
But leave the sun
& know the dead desert night...
- Jim Morrison "The Wolf" (excerpt)

My desert rock is laid back in its presentation, subtle-psychedelic, raw (acoustic), less image driven for musicianship with connection to the desert, and respect for history and modern ideas and ideals of rock. There is a spirit world of music. The spirit definition of desert rock music is the desert's own sense of time as a place holding an ever changing essence, secrets of life's mystery and answers of insight.

The desert vibe is everywhere and harder to define, as the desert defines itself and is often mistaken as unchanging. It is age and wisdom cleverly disguised as a creosote and jackalope. Thus providing a foundation on which the artist thrives in creativity. Read more about our live vibe rock offering music webcast!

desert hot springs city view If desert rock does have a definition, then it's the feeling and idea that is shared due to the environment of the desert and the unique perspective it provides, not a musical sub genre. You can't talk about desert rock and not mention the environment. That's why people come to the desert, for the desert "rock"! The musical ideas here are all over the place. And no single idea here defines desert rock.

There is a true energy of the desert, that once found...or recognized, seethes itself into an essence that further defines who you are as the environment. Although, many people live in the desert and don't consider or sincerely recognize their environment. You can see it in media driven families, they can be a family from any larger city in America, in any similar style subdivision. This approach to music turns a vibe ugly and old, and goes against the grain of energy and true change that the desert provides, not a mere facade. That's what happens to the music genre nazi and the pop hound or novelty band/artist.

For the sake of music, it's all in the mix of ideas, more variety the better. And there is decent variety out here. It's an ideal place to bring to light ideas of commonplace pop music, younger creative minds, forged new ideas, creativity of original artists, and even the old-minded musician generation bringing their old stale outdated old ideas.

Some are invited here by the desert rock. Others come unannounced, and some find the desert along their path. It is the fool artist to define spirit, and say his is all the only one. There is a personal connection between the energy of environment and artists' work. The desert existed before people, the desert will exist after people. The idea of the artist existed some time after the desert rock. Some stay here and define the desert rock as they found it, when really, it defines them, and they only end up recognizing the definition as defined by the desert. They fool themselves and wallow in their bliss. They thrive away in the desert "island" feeling, the desert smells whipped up on a windy day, similar to an unknown town somewhere between the border of France and Barcelona, Spain. And infused with the expression of awe in the strange sense of relation to the engery and feeling of a wet Pacific Northwest day. These are the base levels of the desert vibe, and the true artist can only define their facade, as expressed within their art. And on a side note, that's one of the only limits of music.

The desert vibe cannot be defined as a desert rock genre for music and media promotion. Each experience is unique. You choose your own path. When all the new things start to look like all the old things, it's easy to get lost. Definition, or a tabula rasa (depends on what works best for you) as a platform is always available in the desert rock.