information about our desert vibe music webcast

It's been two years running DesertVibe.TV! This March 15, 2013 marked the two year anniversary show. My live stream is rockin'. The Sunday classical guitar shows have found an audience on their own, and having the control for my dissonant acoustic rock shows on Friday's has been what I've been missing.

I am pursing the idea to take DesertVibe.TV to a retail location for my shows. The right place is all I'm looking for, I'm looking for serious interest. Andy Ks performs a high-quality rockin' acoustic show with a rock star performance on acoustic!

And there is the promo of the live online webstream for your retail location that will be the direct benefit. That's why finding the right location that works for me is critical. I know you're out there, it's just a matter of time.

For my Sunday morning classical guitar show, I'm looking for more locations to showcase the natural backdrops of our local California desert rock,! The Sunday shows have been a welcomed success! Make sure to check out the special Sundays' "Andy Ks' Praise The Blaze Sunday's Wake-N-Bake-N-Cooking" shows!

If you have a retail location that you think will work, contact me and let's showcase the desert and your business!!

Andy Ks after performing a live DesertVibe.TV show. As an acoustic musician, I'm into my live performances and playing live acoustic music for people, laying it down on acoustic, like acoustic should, for the respect of acoustic. It seems some men that play a little wood box with strings are trying to be impressive by how softly they can play the same chords they've been playing since they started playing guitar, with their sweet soft melodies. I don't know who they're trying to impress, but it ain't someone seeking and searching for the purity of modern acoustic energy. It's just not for me, and I don't understand the complexities of interest for some people.

I pursue the art of live acoustic, not to spend 40 hours recording one song, thinking for some reason that represents my live show. Although, I do have fun studio recording, and not just to say things like, "help support my music and buy my new 4 minute song recording 'Could It Be More' I took hours/days recording and perfecting, and tweaking and compressing, and blah blah blahing....," because it's all lies, LIES, I tell you! I like to think of it as a lead-in to the live performance, to build the interest with the bottom line being...the live performance. So, I like to lay it down live and acoustic: my mouth, my acoustic guitar, and air. My most favorite natural way to get a vibe going. And DesertVibe.TV is my place I own, and I lay it down my way! Not the way I think will sell my music because I've perfected a copy of a successful artist's music genre, but for the sake of acoustic and the vibe....nice.

The Desert Vibe website was initially intended to showcase all desert arts' live vibe and energy, and have others become involved, which I think would still be cool. But I can't define your interest. You can contact me through my website at anytime. Creative artists, come in as a guest to help represent our desert vibe! Help roll out the vibe and contact us with your interest to come lay yours down! Writers, thinkers, philosophers, comics, musicians, movie directors, painters, sculptors, crafters, interesting business people with something to talk about, even just fans of something else, let me know, let's talk and express your vibe here!