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cd cover for could it be more
Could It Be More
studio single
© 2012
cd cover for the release - tabula rasa
Tabula Rasa
13 track studio cd
© 2008
cd cover for the release - Definition
5 song E.P.
© 2002
cd cover for the release - 01
3 song demo
© 2001
cd cover for the release - Temujin
2 song demo
© 1998
cd cover for the release - Exception: Lull
Exception: Lull
3 song demo
© 1995
cd cover for the release - Acoustic Spanking
Acoustic Spanking
3 song demo
© 1994


may 2013 calendar dates

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Jun 20 10:04 PM PDT.

Trying to secure involved interest in the DesertVibe.TV live stream shows. Sponsor interest, please contact Andy to discuss your business interest!

Really looking forward to getting the Coachella Vally on-location live stream Sunday morning music vibe show revamped! Stay Tuned!!!

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Album cover for song Could It Be More
Could It Be More
The song starts out with a slow acoustic rock drive, an engulfing warm vocal expression lulls in with a simple philosophical statement, "Could it be more than you're searching for?"
MP3: $.99
Album cover for cd Tabula Rasa
view info on artist Andy Ks
Tabula Rasa
An original vibe from rockin' dissonant acoustic music; edgy and passionate, a defining acoustic perspective from this acoustic guitar player/songster.
MP3 Album CD: $8.99

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from California Desert Rock

Streaming LIVE Desert Hot Springs, CA. Dedicated to our Coachella Valley desert vibe!
Watch Andy Ks LIVE streaming acoustic rock music showcased twice monthly here at Desert Vibe.

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Streaming LIVE music performances of acoustic rock at the tv interface above, In-person public LIVE music and entertainment events!

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My first show was a Friday night in spring on 18 March 2011.

Our LIVE show stage set designs are based on holiday or event dates, or other special days. Recent show dates have been for Friday The 13th, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Andy Ks' Praise The Blaze Sunday's Wake-N-Bake-N-Pancakes, and The Twilight Zone Day.

I also do a live cooking event before my Sunday show every once in a while. I post the recipe beforehand, which I prepare live. After enjoying a quick bite of my completed food, I play a set of classical guitar, or whatever happens to be my musical set for the day.

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Upcoming LIVE Webstream Shows
None To Announce
MONTH ## Friday Night #:30 PM
~ Rock Acoustic ~

(all times California P.D.T.)
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I stream two 30:min LIVE
shows each month from DHS, CA 92240!

...off the 10, north up Palm.

Streaming two LIVE shows every month...

Sunday mornings classical guitar.
Friday nights dissonant acoustic rock.
(please check calendar for dates/times)

You can directly help support Andy Ks' acoustic agenda and Desert Vibe TV with your financial contribution using the 'Support' button at the very top right of this page. Thank You For Your Consideration!

Classical Guitar
Mothers' Day 2013

Mothers' Day 2013 May 12 - Andy Ks classical guitar
Rock Video
Personal Propaganda

Video clip of song Personal Propaganda from March 15 2013 Friday night DesertVibe.TV show
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